Happy New Year 2014. 

2/1/14: Another year; Another Valentines Day around the corner. more tasty banana breads to eat in the New Year! Cupcakes are already yesterday's fad; Gelato is on every corner but Havana Banana Breads endures. Why? Glad you asked. They are classic just like grandma made only a bit kicked up. Top Banana has not changed the formula ever-why muck(you thought it was going to be a bad word-shame on you!) up something that works. Top Banana only has one product, so damn sure, it better be good. Good, oh, they're good. 

Come early! 


Bananas smashed since 2009: 120,807.25

Read the Success Magazine article "Banana Bread for Robby"

2014 Market News:

Eastern Market "Schoolyard" in DC Sun 9AM to 4PM. For real time updates on whether or not Top Banana will be at Eastern Market, meander on over to Facebook-Havana Banana Breads.

TBs Pet Peeve of the year: $3.00 for a 3-oz cupcake. Are you kidding me? No more fads please. What do the people who chase these "next best food thing" do when this fad is over? FREE ADVICE from the Top Banana. Don't chase-not good.

View Filling a Knead: Businesses make dough in bread industry from capitalgazette.com

BANANAGrams: May 24, 2012, you can find Havana Banana Breads at both Grauls Annapolis locations. TB loves the local connection!


Havana Banana Breads is a Veteran Owned Business

In honor of Top Banana's autistic son, Robby

Next stop, Hollywood for the Top Banana!

TB and DC native, Carla Hall from Top Chef and ABC's "The Chew."

Havana Banana Breads is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned business

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