December 16. DON'T GIVE UP. There is still time to order and ship. Even if you miss Xmas by a day or so, just think of how cool it will be to get an unexpected treat to get a box of Havana Banana Breads after Xmas day. Still have all my flavors EXCEPT Smores-sold out. It's been a great holiday season for Havana Banana Breads, but it's not over yet, so giddy on up to the ordering page and as always, thanks for your great support


Read the Sucess Magazine article "Banana Bread for Robby"

Bananas smashed since 2009: 131,895.009


Havana Banana Breads is a Veteran Owned Business

In honor of Top Banana's autistic son, Robby

Looking sharp at the former Havana Banana Breads World Hqs. Nice banana desk too!
Robby, it's all for you.

It's gonna be a yummy holiday season.

The Top Banana with the lovely Mrs.Banana

Havana Banana Breads is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned business

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