Top Banana and the rest of the HBB family is taking a long tropical vacation and will not be baking until the 2014 Holiday season. Look for updates around Thanksgiving, so it's up to you to start making your holiday lists NOW!! See you in November!



Bananas smashed since 2009: 119,895.75

Read the Sucess Magazine article "Banana Bread for Robby"

2013/14 Market News:

Sundays: "The Schoolyard" at Eastern Market in DC, returning in January 2014 9:00 AM to 4 PM. If the weather is really lousy and cold, TB is hibernating. Follow me on Facebook @Havana Banana Breads for real-time updates

TBs Pet Peeve of the month: $3.00 for a 3-oz cupcake. Are you kidding me?

View Filling a Knead: Businesses make dough in bread industry from capitalgazette.com

BANANAGrams: When you order your holiday Havana Banana Breads for your closest friends, co-workers and relatives, tell TB what you want to say on a note to be included for FREE!


Havana Banana Breads is a Veteran Owned Business

In honor of Top Banana's autistic son, Robby

Going Bananas for Havana Banana Breads!

Havana Banana Breads is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned business

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